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Manual & Semi-Auto Cylindrical Grinders

A manual cylindrical grinder is designed to shape the outside of an object with a central axis of rotation such as a cylinder, ellipse, cam or crankshaft. The grinders in this category are controlled through manual or semi-automatic systems. The GM manual cylindrical grinders are the largest of our grinders designed for large rolls and shaft type work. These industrial machines are used for the steel, paper, aviation, automotive, and military applications. 

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All of Ecotech's manual cylindrical grinders have a heavy aged cast iron construction, that has been precision machined and hand scraped. The manual series has a hydro-dynamic spindle and a hydrostatic lubrication system on the table and wheelhead ways. With these special features, your grinders will give you many years of trouble-free operation and high accuracies.

Available Manual Grinder Models

GM Series (Base Model)

The GM series manual cylindrical grinders are the largest of Ecotech's Grinders designed for large rolls and shaft type work. These high precision grinders have been very reliable for the paper and steel industry and the manufacturing of their exotic rolls. These grinders have dead centers, which provide higher repeatability accuracies. The work head has a step pulley drive system providing six variable speeds. They also have a pick feed that can be set to feed on either end of the traverse or at both ends and has a variable feed adjustment. The wheel head must be manually retracted by actuating the feed handle.

Achievable roundness 0.0001"(0.0025mm)*

  • GM8 - 8" Max. grinding diameter
  • GM12 - 12" Max. grinding diameter
  • GM20 - 20" Max. grinding diameter

Achievable roundness 0.0002"(0.005mm)*

  • GM25 - 25" Max. grinding diameter
  • GM32 - 32" Max. grinding diameter

GMP Series (Greater Precision)

  • GM8P - 8" Max. grinding diameter - Achievable roundness 0.00004"(0.001mm)*
  • GM12P - 12" Max. grinding diameter - Achievable roundness 0.00006"(0.0015mm)*
  • GM20P - 20" Max. grinding diameter - Achievable roundness 0.00008"(0.0002mm)*

GA Series (Semi-Automatic)

The GA series is our normal semi-automatic cylindrical grinder. The automatic infeed mechanism is easy to operate and setup.

Achievable roundness 0.0001"(0.0025mm)*

  • GA8 - 8" Max. grinding diameter
  • GA12 - 12" Max. grinding diameter
  • GA20 - 20" Max. grinding diameter

GMH Series (Heavy Duty)

GM25H is our Heavy duty large size cylindrical grinder max part weight between center up to 6618 lbs. Achievable roundness 0.0002"(0.005mm)*. Equipped with a 30"X3" big wheel on the standard machine. 6" Through hole work head option available.

  • GM25H - 25" Max. grinding diameter

* For standard test part ground between center.

Download Machine Comparison Technical PDF Chart

Download the PDF below for a technical comparison of the model numbers.

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