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ALPA Surface Grinders (Manual and CN)

ALPA Surface Grinders (Manual and CN)

If you're looking for smooth finishes on flat surfaces, an industrial surface grinder is a machine you need. This broadly used machining system uses a grinding wheel to cut metallic and non-metallic materials leaving behind a flat and sometimes smooth surface.

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ALPA Surface Grinding Machines

Our precise grinding wheels are covered with rough particles to effectively flatten and smooth metal. Our "ALPAGrind" surface grinder line includes maximum grinding width from 6.00" to 27.55". Material length ranges from 16" to 82.67". 

We offer a selection of control methods on our surface grinders including CNC (Computer-aided), semi-auto, and manual. Our program-controlled surface grinder includes a moving column and is equipped with a user-friendly touchscreen operation panel. The auto down feed is powered by a servomotor.

The physical control panel is set with controls for a feed counter, optional feeds, hand-fed electromagnetic hand wheel and the ability to adjust the disk suction size. The digital touchscreen panel displays axis feed size, grinding precision, the number of feeds, disk suction size, and grinding distance.

Available Surface Grinding Machine Models

Surface Grinders

  • RT450        Max. Grinding Width =   7.87" x 17.71"
  • RT550        Max. Grinding Width = 11.81" x 21.65"
  • RT700        Max. Grinding Width = 11.81" x 27.55"
  • RT1000      Max. Grinding Width = 11.81" x 39.37"
  • RTL700      Max. Grinding Width = 19.68" x 27.55"
  • RTL1000    Max. Grinding Width = 19.68" x 39.37"
  • RTM1200   Max. Grinding Width = 27.55" x 47.24"
  • RTM1600   Max. Grinding Width = 27.55" x 62.99"
  • RTM2100   Max. Grinding Width = 27.55" x 82.67"

Horizontal Spindle Rotary Table Surface Grinders

  • RTC300   Tabel Size = 11.81"
  • RTC500   Table Size = 19.68"
  • RTC750   Table Size = 29.52"
  • RTC1000 Table Size = 39.37"

Vertical Spindle Surface Grinder  

  • RVB300 Max. Grinding Width = 5.90" x 15.74"
  • RVC250 Table Size = 9.84

Optional Add-ons

  • Electronic dynamic balancing
  • Variable speed inverter
  • Paper Filtration system
  • Electro magnetic chuck brass with control unit

Serving Your Machining Needs

We find the best grinder for our customer's application, need for accuracy, project efficiency and budgetary constraints so don't hesitate to ask for the modification or specification you need.

Technical Specifications RT & RTL Models

 Click the PDF icon below to download the technical specifications comparison table.

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