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Vertical Turning Lathes (CNC)

Vertical Turning Lathes (CNC)

CY-VL630 series is a high-rigidity, high-precise independent spindle. The particular base is filled with sand and cantilever headstock, which makes the machine compact. The vertical turning lathes increase productivity by providing stable machining of thin and odd-shaped workpieces. The rigid vertical column and base are meehanite casting, heavily ribbed for reduced thermal distortion and vibration dampening.

Two kinds of transmissions offer the flexibility to satisfy the demand of the operators.

  1. The superior torque, wide velocity modulation inverter motor connect with independent spindle headstock, which suits the rough and finish machining of many different kinds of parts.
  2. The dual gearbox structures are ideal for rough machining and for finishing machining.

The X/Z axis utilizes the high rigid roller linear guides that enable rapid traverse rates of 472 IPM. The 30hp spindle is a high torque inverter motor at lower RPMs. This spindle design is protected from coolant contamination and incorporates NSK bearings.


  • Main Dimensions: Fanuc Oi - Mate - TD
  • Distance Between Centers: 24.8"
  • Max. Swing Over Bed: 27.5"
  • Spindle Nose & Bore: A2 - 11 / 7.0"
  • Spindle Speed RPM: 21"
  • Max. Travel X/Z Axis: 50 - 1050 inverter drive low speed 20 - 418 / high speed 45 - 870 2 - step gearbox with inverter drive
  • Rapid Traverse X/Z Axis: 846 ft lb inverter drive 957 ft lb low speed / 457 ft lb high speed
  • Positioning Accuracy X/Z Axis: Vertical 5 / 6 position electronic / servo tool post-Horizontal 8 position hydraulic tool post
  • Repeatability X / Z Axis: .00023" / .00047"
  • Tailstock Quill Diameter: 590 IPM
  • Tailstock Quill Max Travel: 472 IPM
  • Main Motor Power: 30hp inverter drive 25hp 2-step gearbox inverter drive
  • CNC System Optional: 17.7"
  • Machine Weight: 28.3"
  • Package Dimensions: 90" x 106" x 135"

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