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Preventative Maintenance Plan (Semi-Annual or Annual)

We offer a proactive recurring maintenance plan for your machine investment.  We offer both annual or semi-annual inspections of the machine and will address any issue found. Our goal is to help our customers keep their investment running and producing parts.

Machine Testing & Tune-Up

Every machine with numerous moving parts requires ongoing maintenance to keep it running well and extend its lifetime. As part of our service package, our technicians will check and assess all key elements of your machines. This assessment includes checking the machine level, seals, bearings, oils, hydraulics, filters, easily worn parts, loose bolts, spindle oil levels, and possible leaks. We'll also check your finished machine parts for accuracy. (For an extra fee we can assist releasing a stuck table).

machinery christopher burns 8KfCR12oeUM unsplashAdditional Service Includes:

  • Tailstock and alignment.
  • Resolving table surface conditions such as dings and deep scrapes.
  • Matching surfaces.
  • Line pressure and spindles (including hydro-static spindles).
  • Tightening and lubricating all relevant machine components.
  • Additional on-site training.
  • Releasing stuck tables (for an additional fee).

Our excellent service teams consist of mechanical, programming, and electrical technicians. Our thoroughly trained mechanical and electrical design engineers are skilled with installation and service (translator available when needed).

Service & Remote Support Calls

If the issue is resolvable by phone or video, we'll quickly jump on the problem you're facing right now to help troubleshoot and resolve it quickly. There may be an older machine or part you're unable to identify, but with the use of video and interacting remotely, many of these situations are resolvable virtually. If it's a more significant or hazardous issue, we'll send our technicians to your location to resolve the problem on-site.

gears bill oxford fGqsewtsJY unsplashMachine Re-Leveling

With extended use, intense activity, settling foundations, or even earthquakes machines can lose their equilibrium. This use can lead to parts not coming out correctly, a barreling or taper effect, or chattering on the surface even with anchor bolts. Our technicians use our machinist level, leveling wedges, machine adjusters, and other specialized tools to re-level your machine left-to-right and front-to-back to get it back on track for efficient production faster and more conveniently.

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